Premium Denim Care Tips


Every pair of jeans is different & may have subtle differences in wash, treatment and fabrication. Read the care label before you launder to prevent damaging your garment.


Advanced technology in premium denim means that you no longer need to shrink denim back to size. Keep your denim looking it’s best by only washing them when they are dirty or spot clean. For best care when washing, always turn inside out, cold water wash and lay flat to dry. Less washing is good for the environment & for longer lasting denim

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These specialized processes gives denim a soft, refined sheen or a brilliant shine and texture. The lightweight coating can not be washed and should not be exposed to heat. Luckily, due to the nature of the coating, average wear requires only minimal care.

The 3 best options for care on denim styles with a coating or a foil coating are as follows:

A. Turn denim inside out and use an antibacterial fabric spray on the non-coated, interior of your jeans only - a light spritz is all that is needed. DO NOT saturate the fabric or use spray on the outside, coated side of your denim. After air drying, they are ready to wear.
B. The freezer method is a great option to eliminate odors. Simply fold and place dry denim in the freezer for 24 hours to deodorize. It is recommended to use a plastic bag to protect denim from freezer contents. Remove from the freezer and they are ready to wear.
C. If further cleaning is required, bring to a dry cleaner for professional spot cleaning only. Do not attempt to spot clean the outside of the garment yourself as you may damage the coating.

DO NOT WASH & DO NOT DRY CLEAN and if coating gets wet, it is best to wipe liquid off the coating immediately.

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